A Day at The Pre-School

“Nicolette located 500m off Mpererwe-Kitezi tarmac Road is easily noticed, housed in a modern structure branded in the Nicolette creativity theme.”

6 : 00 am

Our day starts at with our staff arriving to a cup of freshly Ugandan coffee. Day preparations kickoff with teachers and support staff reviewing their activities while warming up to receive the children. At Nicolette, it is every staff’s pleasure and responsibility to facilitate a smooth, secure and quick drop-off and pick-up.

6 : 30 am

The presence of our warm and smartly clad staff in and about the parking lot is the indication that the gate is open to our children. Drop-off traffic is managed by staff that systematically guide the parking of the vehicles while ensuring minimal interruptions of other road users. A staff member physically carries or assists the child from the vehicle, ensuring a smooth, secure and quick drop-off and pick-up. Parents and Guardians that wish to enter the school shall be ushered to a private parking slot ensuring that traffic and safety are not compromised. The child is then carried or guided into the school and walked directly to their respective class room

6 : 30 am to 8 : 30 am.

The children are creatively stimulated, building their mood and momentum to start the school day. At Nicolette, a DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION philosophy of teaching and learning is employed, recognizing and responding to children differences in readiness, interests, and learner profiles. Whole-group instruction is minimized, and teachers spend more time working with children in small groups and individually tactically engaging each child at their optimal learning level. As part of the teaching aids, each classroom is equipped with internet, video and audio playback and live screening services that are used to build the day’s theme. The classroom is also linked online to the school management system that enables the teachers to uninterruptedly and seamlessly register the presence and the arrival time of each child. Our child to teacher ratio is always maintained at 8 to 1 but varies according to specific requirements of the “differentiated instruction model”.

8 : 30 am to 10 : 30 am

Morning learning sessions are conducted according to the Nicolette integrated curriculum. Our curriculum is a fair balance between the Cambridge system and the Ugandan local system, guaranteeing direct intake to any primary school of choice upon graduation. Because of the integrated system at Nicolette, the learning model largely adopts the DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION philosophy but maintain a balance between the child guided approach and the teacher directed approach. Our curriculum is delivered using the synthetic phonics method of teaching letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory. The delivery model is supplemented with the use of LEGO and LEGO DUPLO bricks, facilitating learning through play while enabling children to build essential life skills, thereby developing creative and inquisitive lifelong learners.

10 : 30 am to 11 : 30 am.

The early morning session ends with a cup of tea served in the dining area. The school has partnered with a nutritionist who plans and manages the weeks’ menu, ensuring a balanced diet for the children and the staff. A fully furnished kitchen with a professional chef is always at the service of the children and the staff. To enhance hygiene, a camera has been installed in the kitchen to enable real-time monitoring of all kitchen activities. Our dining is furnished with an automatic water cleaning and deionization equipment, utensils, tables and chairs for different age groups and is shared by the respective teachers and staff to monitor the children feeding and interactive habits. Children are free to freshen-up using specifically designed, stocked and well maintained children washroom facilities constantly manned by our hygiene team. This team helps the children get around and also monitor children behavior. With reserves of over 50,000litres, clean water is always guaranteed at Nicolette. Playtime is playtime at Nicolette. The site of an outdoor climb and slide children play facility and sand bed together with modern and safe swing sets welcomes you to Nicolette. This play area is open to children above 3years yet very safe, is always manned majorly to monitor children behavior. The school also has a fully furnished play center that houses a variety of physical and non-physical games. This center located on the first floor is the glamour of Nicolette. Opposite to the play center is the creativity wing that houses free style and guided music, dance and drama activities like acting, bale, guitar, and piano. The wing also doubles as the blocks center for creative learning using building blocks. Safety on these wings is enhanced by toughened 10mm2 security glass blending safety, art and beauty. At Nicolette, sports is different from physical development and education. Well as physical development is lived every day, a sports timetable is followed, training and guiding the children learn and appreciate different sports activities including swimming, aerobics, athletics and soccer. We have partnered with children sports centers that facilitate all round sports activities.

11 : 30 am to 12 : 30 pm.

The late morning kicks off with the high rejuvenated children falling back into smaller groups and focus now put on child development. To look after and work with children, it is important that you understand their development. Nicolette childcare and pre-school categorizes child development into five stages namely: - physical, social and emotional, communication and intellectual skills development. We understand and facilitate the growth and development of children through early planning to support children’s needs and development and real-time observation, evaluation and feedback of the child’s performance is availed daily on www.nicolette.sc.ug Our classes have been equipped with an online feed that guides teachers and facilitators. In addition, each class is equipped with a 42inch screen that enables the modulation of specific programs but also offering a change from the usual teacher modulation. These equipment guides the teachers and offers a simplified approach to learning. Weekly themes are adopted together with the parents, teachers and the children and we all dedicate time to appreciate the purpose of the week’s theme. The late morning session is also the time for projects preparation and presentation and creativity and innovation. The school supports creative thinking and innovation through weekly projects. Guided by the differentiation model, each child is given a specific project based on their interest that they work on with their friends and the family back home, spurring creativity. Nicolette has a modern early learning room that doubles as a library and a computer center. The library has been furnished with learning and reading materials for children from Nursery to preschool levels. Real-time access to the library will also be possible remotely through www.nicolette.sc.ug. EBooks and eLearning materials together with links to partner bookshops and outlets shall be accessible through the web. Our children shall benefit from early computer learning and exposure.

12 : 30 pm to 2 : 30 pm.

End of class and opening of the Childcare facility. Time to refresh and go home. The gates are now open for children leaving early. At Nicolette, our drop and pick-up policy dictates that a child is only handed over to the registered caretaker. As part of the registration exercise, it is policy that parent or guardian appoint the persons who will be responsible for picking up their child. Only the authorized person will pick the child and will have to register before accessing the child. Children that will be staying a little longer are treated to a quick snack as recommended by the school nutritionist and there after guided to an early afternoon nap. After class, teachers converge in the school dining room and together with the children, are treated to a delicious lunch meal. The afternoon session is performance evaluation.