Welcome to Our home

Our Facilities

Spacious living room furnished with TV services, internet services, voice and video access points, enabling real-time parent and child communication before bed time. Bedding facilities for a maximum of 20 children. Specially designed children washrooms only accessible to the Home.


Stocked with a full-time nurse. Doctor and pediatrician on call. Tailored programs. Majorly focusing on physical skills development, talent identification and nurturing, leisure and play activities to occupy, refresh and relax the child.

Off Campus Activities.

Scheduled off campus refreshing activities including farm practice, dinning, and visits to children recreational facilities and play centers, Sunday school.

Study space.

Speciously designed to enable children relax, do their project work and feel at home

Resident Caretaker.

Managed by an experiences resident caretaker and fully supported by all school units and functions Security. Fitted with CCTV cameras. Anti-shatter glass and burglar fitted staircase. Management routine checks and open to parents visit before bed time. Meals: Meal plan by our own nutritionist. Spacious dining area equipped with a clean water system, dinning sets for children from 1 to 6 years and a furnished kitchen managed by a professional chef.

Our Clients

• Parents with a need to have their children receive individualized quality care while they are busy with work, away on vacation or holiday.
• Parents with a need to have psychological comfort about their child’s well-being while stuck in traffic, experiencing long hours of work and attending to other social obligations.
• Parents who want to enjoy their leisure while their children are receiving quality care
• Parents who are just not comfortable with leaving their children with housemaids/strangers or without inconveniencing relatives and friends